Presidential Elections and Your Investment Success are Not as Related as You May Think

Election Anxiety Investment

Five Tips for Moving Forward if You’re Anxious About Your Portfolio in an Election Year

Are you concerned about what the presidential election may mean for the markets? If so, you’re not alone. Investors always tend to get anxious in an election year, and this one seems fraught with quite a bit more angst and uncertainty than usual. Still, if you’re tempted to get out of the market for a while and let things “blow over,” we suggest you take a beat.

Here’s why: Much of what we hear in the news, or even in conversations among our family and friends, can lead us to believe that there is a strong correlation between who sits in the White House and how the markets perform. Many people are convinced their investment prospects will be sunk if one candidate or the other wins this election, but that’s simply not the case. History and market data show no correlation between the person/party of the U.S. President and the success or failure of the stock market.

So, if you’re facing serious investment anxiety because of this election, below are five tips to help you move forward into the unknown with a bit more confidence.

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Taxes Abroad: Claiming Foreign Taxes

taxes abroad
A Primer on How to Be Tax-Smart with Your Foreign Income

Do you own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds? If so, you may well have some foreign holdings such as BMW (German), or BP (British), or Nestle (Swiss). This means you have paid foreign taxes on the income you earned. Would you like to avoid being taxed on that income a second time? You may be able to accomplish this goal if you claim a credit or deduction on your U.S. tax return. Don’t count on your tax preparer or preparation software doing this optimally for you.

The information below applies to almost all U.S. investors since most hold foreign stocks in their U.S. mutual funds. Read on to learn how to be more tax-efficient with your foreign income.

cross-border, taxes

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Q3 2020 | Quarterly Market Review


This quarterly market review features world capital market performance and a timeline of events for the past quarter. It begins with a global overview, then features the returns of stock and bond asset classes in the US and international markets.

investments, markets, Quarterly Market Review, stocks, value vs growth

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Refinance Before the New Fee Hits on October 1st

refinance your mortgage rate
Refinancing Right Now Might Make Sense. Here’s Why.

Refinance before the new fee hits on October 1st and have the Federal Reserve help pay your mortgage for you. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is imposing a 0.5% fee for all mortgage refinancing on October 1, 2020, so on a $400,000 loan, you will pay an extra $2,000 in closing costs. When you take this into account, rates may never be this low again.

You may have heard that, as one of the few upsides of the COVID-19 pandemic, conforming mortgages are at all-time lows; so low that even though my family refinanced less than a year ago, it is worth us refinancing again – and that may well be the case for you, too. (Note: We have a conforming loan. Jumbo rates are not necessarily so competitive.) Our current 15-year loan was only charging 3.125% but we are refinancing to a 30-year loan and still getting a lower rate. We wanted to pay off our mortgage more quickly, but it was too hard to pass up 2.375% on a 30- year mortgage. At this rate, the government will likely be helping to pay off our mortgage for us. I’ll explain how this works later.

homebuyers, real estate, refinance

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Fundraising Goal for Multiplying Good | Help us Reach $4,000

fundraising goal for multiplying good

Help us reach our fundraising goal by making a donation today!

We are on the advisory board of our favorite non-profit MultiplyingGood in Los Angeles. The Students in Action curriculum empowers school teams to solve problems in their local community, including supporting foster kids, helping the homeless, and enhancing local education.

With a gift from friends like you, our fundraising goal is to raise $4,000 for our Back to School Drive by September 30th. We promise to double that with a matching gift. A gift of any amount will make a difference. 

Click to Learn More & Make a Donation

charity, giving back, students in action

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