As your Advisor and your personal "chief financial officer", you and I set the foundation of your financial house through the development, implementation and execution of a comprehensive financial plan.


  • No two individuals are alike.
    Everyone has different circumstances and aspires to different dreams.

    The success of our client/advisor relationship is largely contingent on how well we know you and your unique life situation. Separate and apart from understanding your financial situation, assets and investments, it is imperative that deeply comprehend your most important values, goals, relationships, and interests.

    This level of insight provides several important benefits:
    1. It allows us to construct an investment plan that will maximize the probability of achieving all that is most important to you and your family. 
    2. It sets the foundation for our long-term relationship.
    3. It enables us to work with you in precisely the ways which you prefer. 
  • Your goals. Our guidance.

    As with any investment made in life—a family, a home, a college education—the best results are achieved by carefully constructing a plan and then following that plan consistently over time.

    Clearly articulating your critical factors and your recommendations for achieving your financial goals in an investment plan and an investment policy statement has several important benefits:

    1. It helps provide long-term discipline to your investment decision-making. A well-conceived plan helps assure that rational analysis is the basis for your investment decisions, making you less likely to act on emotional responses to short-term or one-time events.
    2. It encourages your effective communication. Because it clarifies both the issues that are most important to you and the investment approach and strategy that will be used, it minimizes any misunderstandings that may arise. 
    3. It allows both of us to accurately review your critical factors as they may change over time. Such evaluations may indicate that corresponding changes to your investment plan are called for. 

    In addition, this investment plan will provide the foundation for wealth management—your ability to address the range of your financial challenges beyond your investments. Having a comprehensive wealth management plan in place allows me to systematically manage each of your major financial issues, which in turn maximizes my ability to help you achieve your most important financial goals. 

  • A global perspective. A personal approach.

    The investment philosophy statement, or IPS, delves into substantially more detail on our investing approach and our strategic portfolio management process. It also provides summaries of the returns of key indices and of a range of hypothetical portfolios, as well as important disclosures, including the asset classes used to construct hypothetical portfolios, sources and description of data used and treatment of certain data.

    My investing process centers around five steps:

    1. Assess your goals and circumstances.
    2. Set long-term investment objectives.
    3. Plan your asset allocation.
    4. Select your investment approach.
    5. Build your portfolio.

    The result of this process is a diagnostic report of your current situation with our recommendations for repositioning your portfolio with the intention of maximizing your probability for success. In addition to the above considerations, these recommendations take into account portfolio costs as well as the potential tax impact of the restructuring. 

  • Traditions start with a well defined plan.

    Your Wealth Longevity Plan focuses on the four key areas of your financial life beyond your investments:


    We will present this plan to you during our first Regular Progress Meeting.


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