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Four Ways Self-Employed Freelancers Can Plan for Retirement in Hollywood

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It’s Possible to Work for Yourself While Still Building a Sound Financial Future

The current shut down is another reminder of how tough it is to plan for your financial future and retirement in the entertainment industry and self-employed freelancer world in general. However, it also gives you a perfect opportunity to put strategies in place to maximize your future when things start up again. Most Oscar winners think of themselves as artists, but they are also highly successful business owners. And the same goes for the legions of other successful, but less renowned, self-employed freelancers. If you work freelance and are self-employed, it is critical that you maximize the unique financial planning strategies available to you and your fellow self-employed business owners.

This is even more important in creative fields because of the unpredictability and volatility of the career trajectory. Even in normal times, we all know those who thought their phenomenal youthful success would last forever, and sadly it did not. Meanwhile, too often they paid far more in taxes in their high earning years than they should have done and did not use the planning vehicles available, then had nothing left when their careers got cut short. Do not let that happen to you.

Below we will discuss four strategies high-income, self-employed freelancers can use to prepare for their financial futures while also minimizing their tax burdens. We are going to start at the top of the income ladder and work our way down. So, don’t get dispirited if you are not earning the kinds of numbers we are talking about. Keep on reading and hopefully, there will be something for you:

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Five Things to Consider Before You Retire Abroad

These Preparations Will Make for a Smoother Transition to Your New Home

Where in the world would you live if you could? Have you always dreamed of retiring abroad? You’ve worked hard for decades to reach retirement, now it’s truly within view and this may be your chance! An exciting new chapter is opening up that will allow you to focus more on enjoying life. Some want an adventure, others a lower cost of living whilst ex-pats might wish to return to their native land.

Whatever the reason, if this is your dream, you are not alone. For the past decade, retirement has also meant a move abroad for a growing number of Americans. If you’re considering leaving behind the daily grind as well as your roots on U.S. soil, consider these five things before taking the plunge.

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Seven Steps to Finding the Best Financial Advisor

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It’s crucial to find the right person for your family.

Hiring a financial advisor means taking on an expert partner in financial planning so that you can have peace of mind as you pursue your financial and life goals. It should be a long-term decision, and one you don’t undertake lightly. After all, it’s akin to hiring a chief financial officer for your family, so your financial advisor has to be someone you feel you can trust and work with for many years to come.

Given the importance of finding the right person, you should take your time before making a selection. Here are seven steps to take as you move forward with your decision.

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Here’s What the SECURE Act Means for Your Retirement and Estate Planning


In late 2019, far-reaching new legislation was signed into law with the intention of alleviating America’s retirement savings crisis. Called the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement (SECURE) Act, it took effect on January 1, 2020, and there are significant provisions that may impact your retirement planning.

Here are a few SECURE Act changes to know.

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Cross-Border Planning: A Financial Strategy for Money Crossing Borders

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There is a new kind of wealth planning emerging; one that is essential for anyone who holds assets or has family connections in more than one country. In an increasingly globalized world, the cross-border planning strategies of the global elite are becoming essential to a greater number of families. Is your life based in more than one country? Do you have business interests in multiple countries? Are you moving to the US either temporarily or permanently? Alternatively, are you leaving the US to work overseas? Or do you plan to retire abroad? Unsurprisingly, there are special considerations – not to mention pitfalls – when money moves across borders, so cross-border wealth planning takes into account everything from currency fluctuations to tax rules, estate planning, and even to political instability.

As with all financial planning, a cross-border strategy is all about helping you keep as much of your money as possible. Even if you aren’t moving countries, you can benefit from this type of planning if you have financial interests outside of the U.S., if you have dual citizenship or if you or your spouse have foreign family members.

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